Friday, April 18, 2014

bits + pieces, a reflection on my blog + content

bits + pieces from over on instagram
Someone wrote a response to a post this week that they felt my blog was becoming "soulless". Although no one enjoys hearing criticism, no matter how worded, I did feel that at the core of what they were saying was that my content had changed (and they weren't too pleased) While contemplating the comment, I felt that this post from 2012 where I addressed a shift in content on my blog is just as applicable today as it was as the day that I wrote it.

Content shifts on personal blogs, such as my own, are a natural occurrence over time. Is it even necessary to address? No, not all the time. But perhaps it needs to be done in this case as my content shift this time is less about no longer doing renovations, but  more so to do with the incorporation of monetization - in particular, affiliate links.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

captured at 4am

Every night after midnight, we hear the quick footsteps running from across the hall. And then my sweet little one quickly climbs into bed beside me, pulls the covers up to his neck and falls back asleep as if he had never sprinted from one room to the next. We snuggle every. single. night. I am forever grateful that Aubrey documented how much room I get in the bed, when he snapped the above picture it at 4am before going into work. We gave up on the crib early on when Oscar was a baby, and we always co-slept. Now, he falls asleep in his own bed in his room - and sleeps soundly until late at night, when it's just habit to crawl into bed with me. I pick my battles, and having him sleep in his own bed isn't one of them. :)

using ikea's smallest ribba frame

I use big box store frames throughout my home and hack them by either getting new mats cut, removing the matting all together, or painting the matting. (See a whole bunch of posts here) I've switched around my living room over here and soon you'll see a lot of examples of how I've used the tricks of hacking frames in my own home.

I wanted to share this trick of using Ikea's 9" x 9" Ribba Frame that I think isn't used a lot in homes, as it's tricky to find art for it. It's also a shadow box frame, but I use it most commonly as a frame without matting, and push the art to the front of the glass. I think it's the sweetest little frame and with thinking outside the box it works as a great frame for a little ones room or as part of a gallery wall. I created this little video for my shop to show how my 8.5" x 11" prints work even in this small frame - you just need to trust yourself with some scissors! :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

LoveFresh, Canadian Highlight & Giveaway

Occasionally you meet people and you just *click*. I met Stacey Davis, the owner of LoveFresh when we had booths across from one another at a recent gift show. A mutual friend said that we should connect and well...that was that! First of all - Stacey is a ridiculously amazing business woman, who is so inspiring to listen to. We had coffee last week and talked business, kids, gift shows. She's really the nicest person ever. And her products - oh my. So good. I have her Lemon Verbena line (I'm obsessed with Lemon) and it is so yummy. I had a bath every night and use the Lemon Verbena Wash and Body Butter. If you went to the One of a Kind Show, you may have shopped her booth! Anyhow, I wanted to continue highlighting some Canadian brands that I love and lucky for you, Stacey has given me a treat for you to potentially grab for yourself.I feel like Oprah's Favourite Things Show ---- Except I don't think I'll be able to gift you a car. So you'll have to settle for the best body lotions ever.

Enter to win: Lotion, Body Scrub, Body Butter and Body Wash in a scent of your choice! Wheeee!
How to enter: Visit LoveFresh and see their line and let me know what scent you'd likely pick! Follow LoveFresh on Instagram, come back and comment again to let me know you did! Same thing goes for Facebook.
You can buy LoveFresh online at Chapters / Indigo (in store too), Brika, as well as online at