Friday, August 29, 2014

end of summer sale

Not to bombard everyone with a ridiculous amount of posts in one day but I figured this one was too good not to post. Save 20% on everything in the shop. Enter SAVE20 when checking out. That is all! xo

bits + pieces

I haven't done a bits + pieces in awhile. I love having a theme on the blog but life takes over. This summer has been filled with being outdoors, hosting potluck dinners with neighborhood friends and kiddos, enjoying the sun with Aubrey and Oscar, cottage trips with my family, getting Oscar prepared for starting school next week and lately, just hanging out with girlfriends once the kids are asleep. It has been an amazing, amazing summer. Wait. Can I backtrack for a second? I seriously can't believe Oscar is going to school in a matter of days. It's a weird mixture of excitement, nervousness, and this lady over here freaking out. I'm not going to cry when I drop him off. But I will be feeling a little anxiety I think - anxiety hoping he likes it, is happy, likes his teacher. Anyhow, but really ..... having the WHOLE day to myself? Yup. No really, I think I'm going to be waiting on my front porch for hearing the bell ring, and then I'll run down the street to go get him.

Annnnyhow. All of this being said, I don't have much to share for a "bits + pieces" post because everything I'm working on, I really want to share via their own dedicated posts. Once we're into a routine over here with Oscar in school, and me having the day to work, I think I'll have way more time to actually regroup and post what I have been wanting to post over the last month!

Have a great weekend! xo

Thursday, August 28, 2014

DIY Wood Candle Holders

When my Brother and Sister-in-Law were planning their wedding, the theme, much like their living room inspiration was to be rustic and comfortable, outdoorsy and have elements of nature and wood. It was then that I came across imagery of candles on wood as centerpieces, and fell in love with the look.  I had seen similar looks on Etsy, like this one, and this one. House and Home did a wood candle holder look that I loved - using grey stain, which stuck out to me as far surperior than the darker stains others had been using. So, combining all of that inspiration, I vowed to one day make my own.

Aubrey made a wood shed at the cottage during our vacation and one day I walked by the scrap wood and realized the 4'x4's that were left over, would be PERFECT for this project. Aubrey's tools were already out, so he just chopped some down to different heights for me.

Once your wood is cut, sand the edges and sides. (I used my mouse sander)

I wanted to use these primarily for votive candles (even though you see taper candles in the very first photo) so Aubrey took his drill and added a drill bit to it, wide enough to hold a tea light.

Next, I debated leaving the pillars as is in their "natual" look (leaving them "as is"). But with House & Home's look in my mind, I decided to go with some stain I already had at home, some of Varathane's Sun Bleached stain. 

I liked the look of two coats of stain - no more. The more coats I did, the darker the grey got and covered too much of the wood grain, which is part of the beauty of the whole project. The result I think is stunning, and also a little reminiscent of concrete - which I'm obsessed with. I know we're still in Summer, but the above look I think would be ridiculously gorgeous on a holiday table setting.

But the look I think is really cool, is using this project to hold taper candles, like these gold ones. In retrospect you could drill a smaller hole, which would allow the tapers to fit in beautifully. If you couldn't decide what style of candles you wanted to go with, you could flip the wood over, so you had a multi-use candle holder (one side for tapers, one side for votives). For this project though, I used putty which held the tapers in place but had to only use the holders that were deep enough to really keep the tapers in place.

Wood .......... 4 x 4's
Stain ............. Sun Bleached by Varathane 
Tapers ............. The Penny Paper Co. 

Inspiration Posts:
(Just came across this one!! --->Design for Mankind) And of course, Pinterest, Etsy, and House & Home Magazine,

Disclaimer: Obviously when it comes to mixing fire and wood, please use caution and be sure you are always around them when lit. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Decorating with Leon's / The Couch (Sponsored)

So....time to reveal what the newlyweds picked as part of our Leon's collaboration! I'm going to break this up into two posts and as you can see from the above - I'm obviously revealing the sofa that they chose. The couch that they fell in love with is called the Tristan. Does it look familiar? If you recall from my first post, Peter really loved the Shea sofa - which looks idential to this one, but it was leather. If you've ever bought a couch, Leather is something you either dig, or don't - and Lindsay really wasn't into it - so this couch, an identical style but in a soft linen coloured fabric was an easy compromise. They loved the couch because of the style, but also, because this one was really, really comfy. Selfishly, I was excited about this choice because it really lent itself well to a a reveal. I mean, it's a GORGEOUS sofa. I've added in some fabric variations to the leather in this Pinterest board, to show you some varying styles that you can go, when you choose a sofa like this. But how are we going to style it? I wanted to go all Emily Henderson on them and add in awesome pops of colour like this.

But very quickly I realized that my style was very different from that of my brother and sister and pinks and purples weren't really on their wish list. While I was at the cottage for our vacation, I e-mailed my brother and asked him to just send me some words for how he'd describe how he wanted his place to feel. He wrote back "Rustic and comfortable". So, way off from what I was originally thinking.

So I'm leaning towards something like this. Plaid pillows, some finds that I've sourced from live auctions that I went to, etsy and other retailers. I wanted to show you both looks because a couch like the Tristan sofa can really switch from one look to another, with a change of things like art, and throw pillows.

I'm not a decorator, I just obsess over this kind of stuff and have a great deal of fun doing it. Personally, I think anyone can have a stylish home - given the right inspiration, tricks of where to shop and so on. Buying a gorgeous (well priced) couch from Leon's is a great starting point, especially for Peter and Linds who don't have anything yet. With that major item, we can source pillows from Etsy. Invest in a cool lamp from West Elm, add in cool rugs, and style that couch to really reflect someones individual style. Fingers crossed I can pull off the look in real life and not just here on the blog. Yikes! Anyhow, next up I'll show you what they picked for the bedroom!

Couch: Tristan Sofa, Leon's 
Plaid Pillows: Etsy
Floor Light: West Elm
Vintage Artwork: Etsy
Colourful Rug: Etsy
Colourful Pillows: Etsy 
Basket: Pottery Barn

This blog series has been sponsored by Leon's. I have not been compensated for this series, however Lindsay and Peter have been gifted key pieces of their choice from Leon's to furnish their place. All other items in the reveal are my own - so stay tuned to see what I've been picking up at antique shops and auctions. Follow my decorating fun for my little brother's first place by following the Hashtag #MyLeons and #DecoratingMyLittleBrothersPlace (Yup, that's a pretty long hashtag that I came up with)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

save 20% on prints at Indigo (ends the 22nd)

I'm not going to lie. It's kind of cool when I visit Indigo and see my artwork on the front page. ;) They are having a Baby Event right now so you can save 20% on artwork (like mine!) Although my art is being marketed as part of their nursery collection, I think would go in playrooms and even rooms that appeal to kids at heart. ;) Anyhow, just wanted to point out that sale. And it gave me an excuse to post this screen capture. ;)

Monday, August 18, 2014

My art is now available online at Indigo!

It's official! I'm really excited to tell you that my art is now sold online at Indigo as part of their expansion into Nursery decorThey're carrying some of my favourite designs, including this new print - which is a tweak on my best selling Mod Heart print - but has the added detail of a gold foil heart and a little saying at the bottom. One major bonus to shopping at Indigo - they offer free shipping on orders over $25, which is something I've taken advantage of (a lot). So when you're grabbing one of my prints, grab a gorgeous frame as well! (I've shown my prints in some of my favourite frames that you can buy)

Ps., Although this print (see here) is in the nursery decor, I have to tell you - that this particular print hangs in a lot of offices around the city, so if you don't have it for your office - you should probably get one. ;)

Anyhow, I cannot even begin to tell you how much your support means to me, and has meant over the years. This major milestone is an amazing way to kick off my 10 year in business. TEN years! Crazy! So thank you for your support! xoxo Lindsay